Sandra Warren’s writing experience in multiple genres makes her a great candidate for visiting your school or organization. Not just a children’s author, she can relate to multiple age groups from pre-schoolers to high schoolers, educators and parents. Let Sandra design a program to meet your needs: Pre-K - 3rd grade - Interactive reading plus illustration session 4th - 6th+ - In-depth discussion - how to become an author & Sandra’s journey 4th - Adult - Kids made the difference: Patriotism during WWII Writing Workshop: Creating open-ended stories   SKYPE visits TITLES FOR STUDENTS      We Bought A WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of A Michigan High School,         a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway! (Arlie Enterprises, 2015)      Spivey’s Web, (Arlie Enterprises)      She Started It All (Arlie Enterprises)      Arlie the Alligator:A Story-song Picture Book for Kids 4 to 8,         also on CD & DVD (Arlie Enterprises, 2013)      Edna Mae: First Lesson In Prejudice in Chicken Soup for the      Kid’s Soul (Health Communications, 1998)      If I Were A Road (Royal Fireworks Press, 1987)      If I Were A Table (Royal Fireworks Press, 1987)      The Great Bridge Lowering (Royal Fireworks Press, 1987) TITLES FOR EDUCATORS      Arlie the Alligator Communication Activity Guide (Pieces of Learning 1993)      Enhancing Creatvitiy Through Open-ended/Missing Parts Stories (Royal         Firework's Press, 2006)      Teacher’s Guide to Parents of the Gifted/Parents of the Gifted’s Guide to      Teachers, (Royal Fireworks Press, 1999)      Being Gifted: The Gift Video Study Kit DVD (Arlie Enterprises, 1999)      Advocating for Your Gifted Child DVD (Arlie Enterprises, 2001)      Reflections On Being Gifted: Poetry by Gifted Children, (Royal Firework's         Press, 2016) Awards     2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Award: (Honorable Mention) Holiday Category        for Spivey’s Web.     2017 State History Award: Outstanding Michigan History Publication-Private        Printing category for We Bought A WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of A        Michigan High School, a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway.     2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.        2016 Next Generation INDIE Book Awards Finalist for We Bought A        WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of A Michigan High School, a B-17        Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway.     1990 Media & Methods Excellence in Education, Awards Honoree for        Being Gifted: The Gift, Video Study Kit     International Authors and Writers Whos Who, Thirteenth Edition, 1993        to present     Whos Who in American Women, 1981-82 to present     Honorary Life Member of the Ohio Congress of Parents and Teachers,        Inc., 1991     Ohio Association for Gifted Children Civic Leadership Aware, 1983 Programs Available    Grades/Ages        Adult/Parent/Educator/Community        K-12    LENGTH        Varies per age group        K-3     45-50 minutes        SKYPE VISIT 45-60 minutes    AUDIENCE SIZE        K-3 Under 75 is optimum        4-12 200 maximum        Adult-no size limit ASSEMBLIES     Themes:        Positive Communication, Creativity,        Language Arts and Patriotism.        Primary Students delight in an interactive reading of          Arlie the Alligator, experiencing the story-song picture          book twice, once through a participatory reading and          again through illustrating, while listening and singing          along.        Middle School students view patriotism through the          accomplishments of junior high and high school students          who, in 1943, during WWII, raised an extraordinary amount          of money and bought a B-17 bomber to help with the war effort.          Also available - an indepth look at life as an author with works in          multiple genres for young and old, both fiction and non-fiction.                 High School students view patriotism through the          accomplishments of junior high and high school students          who, in 1943, during WWII, raised an extraordinary amount          of money and bought a B-17 bomber to help with the war effort.          Also available - an indepth look at life as an author of works in          multiple genres for young and old, both fiction and non-fiction.       *Visit Bonus: Student Press Conference! There is seldom enough          time to answer student questions so I’ve created what I call, the          very popular Student Press Conference.          Here’s how it works:          1. Questions to ask me, the visiting author, are brainstormed within each              classroom, written down and discussed for appropriateness.          2. Each classroom teacher then chooses 2 Reporters to meet with me, the              visiting author, at an appointed time, preferable near the end of the              day of my visit as many questions will be answered within the programs              presented.           3. Within the small group, questions are asked, one from each reporter, on              a continuous rotation until the alloted time or questions run out, which              ever comes first.          4. It is each Reporter’s job to bring my answers back to their respective              classroom.          5. The Q&A meeting can be done in a small room with just the 2 reporters              per classroom, in an auditorium in front of classmates with the reporters              on stage with me, video taped for future viewing or used for a SKYPE visit. BOOK SALE/AUTOGRAPH         Sandra Warren will bring books for purchase and autographing.                    1. To legally offer books to students tax free, sales MUST BE DONE through a               PTA/PTO, SPECIAL FUND or a SCHOOL ACCOUNT.           2. A RECORD of numbers of each title sold along with a CHECK are to be               presented to Ms. Warren on the day of the presentation.           3. Ms. Warren will email you a Book Order Form (or download here) that lists               available titles, prices and a space indicating to whom a book should be               autographed.           4. Send Order Form home twice before her visit. (The first time two weeks prior               to visit and then again the day before.)           5. Please inform Ms. Warren of approximate numbers and titles of books sold               no later than seven (7) business days prior to visit. Ability to have               numbers of books ordered on-hand are dependent upon early notification.               Every effort will be made to have books ordered available on the day of the               visit. Books not available will be autographed and mailed later at author’s               expense.           6. All books will be autographed on the day of the visit unless otherwise arranged.           SET-UP AND EQUIPMENT NEEDS          1. LCD projector (with sound capabilities)          2. As large a screen a possible mounted high to not obstruct view.          3. Lavalier or collar microphone is best.          4. Small table for Ms. Warren’s materials.          5. Bottle of water. FEES* (See Money for Schools information below)
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Sandra has shared her books and her love of writing with children and adults at clubs, schools, conferences and organizations from London, England to British Columbia, and Florida to Alaska. Her presentations have inspired multiple Students -    Pre-K thru high school    Parents    Educators    Librarians and    Business persons in a     variety of venues on a      variety of topics.
Sandra Warren is an excellent speaker. Her open-ended style of writing allows her to use the whole audience in her performance. Our third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students were very excited about writing a song. It was fun, as a teacher, to see them get so involved in an interactive writing experience. Our first and second grade students were engaged in an illustrating activity while listening to the the story, Arlie the Alligator. When Mrs. Warren asked me to have the students bring pencil and paper, I was very hesitant. My doubts were proven wrong as I saw them working diligently on the activity. Some terrific illustrations were produced. Any author who can hold the interests of three audiences consisting of 200 students each, is obviously doing something right. Missy Bostock, Paoli, Indiana
Thanks for the wonderful presentations you did here in DesMoines. The writing workshops for upper elementary students were outstanding. The students’ writing was more creative under your guidance than with any other presenter we have had. The use of your book, If I Were A Table, was especially effective as an inspiration for their own creative thoughts. You provided just the right balance of structure and open-endedness to bring out the best in them. I was very impressed with your ability to interact with the students and keep them interested and on task throughout the session. Arlene DeVries, DesMoines, Iowa By attending your workshop, our 9th and 10th grade young women were given an opportunity to examine the characteristics of successful women and the barriers they face, as well as experience a relationship with a support of teachers, peers and a professional writer. As I read through the stories the students wrote, I was amazed that you were able to accomplish so much with them in so short a time.             Linda Stewart, Grove City, OH The Garfield students were spellbound as they interacted with Sandra in her grade level presentations, and not one second grader moaned when it was tiem to start writing in the Writer’s Workshop. Their pencils and minds flew along with the winged Arlie. We used Arlie and communication as the theme for our Right to Read Week Activities. We could have spent a year on the topic. Her accompanying activity guide is full of ready to use ideas in all areas of communication. “We are still smiling, humming, writing and reading! Thank you for a wonderful author visit.” Paula Steele, Title One Reading Coordinator Garfield Elementary Heath, Ohio    The day you and Arlie spent interacting with our students and staff was informative and rewarding. The students gained a better insight into the working of the process that na author goes through before getting a book published. You had them mesmerized from the beginning. For the students to see and hear and be with a “live” author was extremely exciting for them! Without exception every school district would love to have a visiting author namely, Sandra Warren and Arlie the Alligator. Maureen Werne Dubois Elementary Dubois, Indiana We really enjoyed having you visit. We especially liked the way you involved the students in your stories. The children continue to enjoy the Arlie the Alligator tape.          Ann Schwandt, Librarian Mancelona Elementary Mancelona, Michigan Thank you so much for speaking to our elementary school. The 2nd and 3rd graders especially enjoyed seeing the pictures of how several different illustrators felt Arlie should be drawn. I am still receiving pictures and comments about how the students feel Arlie “would really” look! As a teacher, I felt your message about the importance of being reliable was wonderful, as we are always trying to emphasize that character trait to students. To hear the same message coming from a published author makes a great impact! Jane Darrow, G/T Coordinator Columbia Station, Ohio Thank you for visiting our school and inspiring the children to write and illustrate books... Your comments in the assembly showed that you have a deep understanding for the needs of our students. Everyone who has spoken to me was equally impressed. You let the pupils see the feeling that a good writer has for her readers and how those feelings can be expressed in written form. You inspired communicationa nd promoted the joy of reading for our students in kindergarten through grade five. Many students have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed your presentation. Students are writing their own books and introducing Arlie to new adventures! You made the reading/writing process come to life for the students. Betty Stevens, Vice Principal Washington Elementary Eastlake, Ohio
*Money for Schools!                   Do you wish you could afford to bring Sandra or another author to your school? Check out the                  following funding sources:                 1.  This center lists multiple grants available for educators.                       There is a yearly fee but you can try it out for FREE for 24-hours.                  2. Send a letter to your PTA/PTO - they raise money for school presentations and assemblies.                 3. Contact local businesses and associations. Many set aside donations for positive educational                        opportunities for children.                  4. To house a visiting author, contact local hotel and motel chains. Many will comp the room as a                       donation to local schools and school children.        A WORD FROM SANDRA WARREN             “Never say never,” and “Reach for the moon and even if you fail, you’ll              fall among the stars,” are two of my favorite sayings. From my worst              subject in school (writing) to a career as a published author, my journey             has been most unconventional. I love sharing my path with students              and my belief that they can accomplish their dreams if they remain open             to change, are willing to take risks, work hard, believe in themselves and              never give up!”              “Creating stories without endings and writing in multiple genres separates              me from most authors who visit schools.”              Here’s what folks are saying about Sandra Warren’s School Visits:       My class was priviledged to SKYPE with author Sandra Warren who brought her story about high school students       making a difference in the war effort to life for my students. She was able to show my class of juniors and      seniors how students their age during WWII were able to help in the war effort. It brought the war close to home      as it dealt not only with students but also had a Michigan connection.                                                                                                         Christopher Jasinski                                                                                                           Wayland Union High School                                                                                                           Wayland, Michigan                                                                                                           Comprehensive Study of WWII
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 $300 Half day/$500 Full day plus expenses       Full day includes:             1. Three (3) large group presentations or writing workshops             2. Student Press Conference.  $  25 - Classroom SKYPE or ZOOM visit - (30 min.)  $175 - SKYPE Assembly - (50-min.)  $200 - Evening presentation