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The NAGC Mile Marker Series: Your Road Map for Supporting Gifted Children (CD-ROM) Think of this as your GPS for the world of gifted and talented education. This easy to use CD-ROM provides answers and information all in one place, with close to 300 resources compiled from books, magazines and the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) web site. Sandra Warren’s resource articles found on: Mile Marker #3   If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher...Now!                         Acceleration: Difficult Decision-Easy Solution Mile Marker #4   Proper Mind Set Needed For Effective Advocacy
Gifted Materials
Advocating for YOUR Gifted Child (DVD-45-min.)                Includes a 25-minute talk to parents by Susan Winebrenner In this dramatic portrayal you will meet the Bauman’s and witness their struggle to find an appropriate way to advocate for their gifted 10-year old daughter. At the urging of a friend, they attend a meeting to hear Susan Winebrenner speak about Parenting the Gifted, and gain increased awareness of the unusual needs of gifted children as well as techniques to advocate in positive ways.
Teacher’s Guide to Parents of the Gifted/Parents of the Gifted’s Guide to Teachers This unique walk-in-my-shoes flip-book gives timeless advice concerning the different perspectives of living with gifted  children and teaching them in the classroom. Understanding the different points of view are essential to nurturing and educating gifted children to their potential. Hilarious cartoons are sprinkled throughout to emphasize points of relevance.    Note: Information contained within is ageless but resources            change. Check online for current resource information.  
Being Gifted: The Gift (DVD-15 min.) The Gift focuses on the potential of gifted children. It contains episodes dramatically protrayed by childen that highlight how the characteristics of being gifted may translate into everyday situations. A formal definition, of historical significance, precedes dramatizations. The program concludes with attention to empathy and understanding of gifted individuals. Includes comprehensive guide sheets that cover: basic facts about the gifted, objectives, meeting formats, discussion topics and follow-up activities for use with administrators, teachers and parents.  Designed to be shown in a one-hour format, stimulating discussion is sure to follow this 15-minute DVD.  Filmed in the 1980’s, this timeless production is still a popular resource used in Nurture and Needs of the Gifted, college courses as well as in advocacy groups throughout the country.  
*Reflections on Being Gifted: Poems by Gifted Children                Compiled by Sandra Warren Gifted children learn what it means to be gifted through profound, thought provoking poetry written by gifted children ages 7 to 17.  Poetry topics span being gifted, friends, school, social issues, life, faith/death, coping. Great for gifted children of all ages. Great for parents and teachers as well.                  Profound! Amazing! Thought Provoking! * This book was formally titled: Being Gifted: Because You’re Special From The Rest
Gifted Resources & Related Links: Information about gifted children can be found in the following resources. Also consider the State Coordinator for Gifted and/or the Gifted Coordinator in your own school district. Most States have a designated person that oversees gifted education. Consider joining your State Gifted Organization. Teacher’s as well as parents will find them to be a valuable resource. Gifted Associations & Organizations: National Association for Gifted Children Ohio Association for Gifted Children Ohio Association for Gifted Childrens' chat list. Great for sharing gifted concerns and information. Site of the Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children The Gifted Development Center in Denver Davidson Young Scholars Program Hoagies' Gifted Education Excellent site for gifted information John's Hopkins - Summer programs, talent search, much more. Center for Talent Development (Northwestern University) ERIC Clearing House Publishing Companies with a strong emphasis on Gifted Materials Great Potential Press (GPP) Free Spirit Publishing - great for g/t emotional needs stuff Royal Fireworks Press - gifted resources Pieces of Learning Gifted Education Press
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